What Is A Giclee Print?
Giclee printing is currently the highest quality standard for printing single or limited edition prints. The term "giclee" (pronounced "ZHEE-CLAY") is a French word meaning "to spray." Giclee prints are created by spraying millions of droplets of ink onto archival fine-art substrates. The word "giclee," as a fine-art term, has come to be associated with prints using fade-resistant archival pigmented inks printed on archival substrates by professional inkjet printers. Giclee prints represent the highest evolution in printmaking technology. The giclee printing process provides better color accuracy and richer depth of color than other means of art reproduction possible.

What Can I expect?
A great giclee print begins with a great image. Our first priority is to accurately capture your original artwork. We use the highest quality digital scanning backs from Phase One to achieve the best possible color accuracy, contrast and sharpness. Digital enhancement, color correction and setup work are performed with the latest imaging technology. Giclee prints are then produced on our state-of-the-art Epson Stylus Pro printers, using an eight color pigmentation process with 100% archival inks and substrates.

How Do I Get Started?
Fine-Art printmaking is a collaborative process involving both the artist and the printer. You start by providing us with your original artwork, digital files or film of your artwork if it is no longer available. We digitize your artwork and perform all of the necessary enhancement, color correction and setup work required. Proofs will be produced with your input and approval. Working with you, we will create a master digital file which is then used for printing your final giclee prints. The total process will normally range from 7-10 business days.

Are There Limitations?
Our goal is to consistently produce giclee prints that are as good as or better than your original artwork. It will be a
more positive experience for you, the artist, if you understand and accept that there will always be limitations. You create your original artwork with paint. We capture your image with the use of light and then print your final giclee prints with inks. No matter how good the printer or the equipment is the giclee print will never be an exact match to your original artwork. Consequently, there will always be slight differences between your original artwork and your giclee prints.

What About Archivability?
Unlike lithographs and serigraphs, giclee prints have undergone extensive third party fade testing. While the predicted display life depends on many variables, giclee prints made with archival pigmented inks are estimated to last over 80 years without noticeable fading. All of our testing information comes from independent testing labs and from the manufacturers of the materials we use.

What Are the Advantages of the Giclee Process?
The growing recognition within the art community of the giclee print makes it a recognizable addition to your current artistic offerings. In addition to its outstanding visual quality, the giclee print is one of the most efficient and affordable methods of producing a limited edition. Stockpiling an inventory of prints is no longer necessary. You order the number of giclee prints you need for display or sale. Future orders can be printed on-demand and will meet the artistic standards of your initial giclee prints.

Another advantage of giclee printing is that giclee prints can be produced to almost any size and onto a variety of fine-art substrates, ranging from traditional etching paper to cold-press water color paper and canvas. This enables you to customize your giclee prints for specific jobs and specific clients. Finally, the quality of the giclee print rivals traditional silver-halide and gelatin prints and is commonly found in museums, art galleries and photographic galleries throughout the world.

Does Osio-Brown Editions Offer Quantity Discounts or Special Promotions?
Absolutely. We offer discounts based on print quantity as well as special promotional discounts each month. To view our current promotion, visit our Facebook Page by clicking Here.


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